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RACE to HELL rider can also look forward to 2021!

Jay and Uschi are back 2021 again to support the riders of RACE TO HELL with a fully packed van full of heavy duty performance parts from JAY PARTS and Demon Powersports X-treme axles also GATES CVT belts, Tire Johny’s and EtheN googles & accessories tobe able to deliver spare parts for each vehicle on site if required.
If you need help to get your vehicle back on the track for the next day, then you should know where you have to go. Everyone who knows Jay knows that he often makes the impossible possible in order to still be at the start and he will be happy to provide advice and assistance on site.
But the best comes at the end! For the top three in the ATV and SxS class JAY PARTS brings vouchers and a GATES RedLine CVT belt for their vehicles.
There should also be a few surprises and one thing is certain, if there is no end of the world, Uschi will certainly give EVERY starter a great picture to remember.

The registration is still OPEN (Status 2nd June)
Prerequisite: GPS experience and be tought, because the idyll of the olive groves are the entry to the HELL of the Toskana.
Der Bewerb ist für ATV & SxS ausgeschrieben.

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