Philosophy of Jay Parts

Hard enough for pink!

We have made it our mission not only to respond to problems, but to solve the problems in the approach.

80% of our own products are functional parts and solve problems of reliability and longevity that arise when driving.

In addition, Jay Parts develops customer order fixes and manufactures new parts to increase vehicle reliability.

Jay Parts and the team of developers and trusted persons have been working since mid-2017 to develop and produce the first own products with the highest demands on the material and its processing.

All products are redesigned and developed. None of our parts comes on the market without being tested and tested over many KM.

To round off the program, Jay Parts has taken over the imports for the following companies that have been tested for years in racing by Gröpl Racing and have a long-standing cooperation.

Import & Service, Race Support TFX Suspension (Suspension Manufacturer from Netherlands)
Import W- Standard Lithium – Iron Batteries
Import Demon Powersports products
Trade Ethen motocross googles
Trade B-EST products
Trade BelRay und Ipone products
Trade RPM Fahrwerke

Jay Parts

Hard enough for pink