CF Moto
Weathered terrain, hard terrein paths or heavy loads - the terrain for the CF Moto. With the first-class parts from Jay Parts you increase the reliability of your CF Moto many times over. High performance ball joints, tie rod ends and bushing and sleeve kits of the highest quality give you the security if you want to get the most out of your CF Moto.

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TFX Factory shock absorbers by Jay PartsTFX Factory Stossdämpfer by Jay Parts
1.666,25 3.332,50 

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Vauhti Varikko - Vauhti Varikko Helix
350,00  350,00 

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Vauthi Varikko Stage 2 Secondary Spring - online kaufen bei JAY PARTS

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FASST Flexx Handlebar , QUAD HIGH 14/31" - Online shopping at JAY PARTSFASST Flexx Lenker, QUAD HIGH 14/31" - Online kaufen bei JAY PARTS
390,83  390,83 

incl. 0% VAT - Vauhti Varikko HelixVauhti Varikko Helix
350,00  350,00 

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First-class Jay Parts spare parts for your CF Moto ✔ more stable ✔ more durable ✔ highest quality ✔ high performance ball joints and tie rod ends ✔ bushing and sleeve kits ✔ buy online in the Jay Parts Performance Shop or on-site at the Jay Parts Flagship Stores