Race to Hell 2020 – Heros who have conquered hell!

Race to Hell 2020 – Heros who have conquered hell!

3 days of HELLT O RACE in which drivers and machines gave their all. There was hard fighting, cross-national help, whether on the track or in the paddock. Material and people were abused and laughed together. A great event in an impressive setting of Tuscany and 2020 with excellent weather conditions.

Jay parts not only sponsored Hell to Race with prizes for the top three in the ATV and SxS class, but was also there to provide advice, action, parts and support. While the drivers tortured their machines through the grounds, Uschi and Jay went out of their way to somehow (sometimes even on all fours) get to the hotspots and give a small impression of the event with many pictures and videos.

However, if you think that the track allone was the challenge and that you find yourself in the top three places, you hve to pass the special test of Pino Codino (Italy Legend 😉 ) Cheers!

Three days of racing, fantastic weather but tough conditions for man and machine. A lot of material had to believe in it, but the rescue workes hat no use!

Race to Hell 2020 - Winner ATV
Race to Hell 2020 - Winner SxS
Hell to Race 2020

Race to Hell 2020 – powerd by  Jay Parts

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