Reinforced Gearbox Shaft + Damper Repair Kit

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JAY PARTS Gear Input Shaft Reinforced + Damper Repair Kit

Broken gearbox input shaft

The damper (dual mass flywheel) breaks inside and no longer has a damper function. This causes the gear input shaft to break.

Professionals can tell when the problem is present by the noise when starting.

Only the gearbox shaft is replaced. Usually the new shaft breaks again very quickly.

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Reinforced Gear Input Shaft + Damper Repair Kit Polaris Sportsman/Scrambler

Damper and Gear Input Shaft in one Set
Some of you already know the problem - but now it's time for the upgrade.
If the damper (dual mass flywheel) breaks on the inside, it no longer has a damper function and the gear input shaft breaks as a result!

Professionals can tell if there is a problem by the noise when starting the engine.

Replacing the transmission shaft is an expensive mistake, because the new shaft usually breaks again quickly.

JAY PARTS gear input shaft reinforced + damper repair kit - the new gear output shaft is 5mm stronger in diameter and can therefore absorb greater energy.
The article can only be used in a set with the improved damper.

Why are the problems only with vehicles from 2017/2018?
The supplier of the damper or the production location has been changed from the USA to Mexico.
On our own behalf, the accusation that Polaris uses bad material: We can say NO to that. We had a broken shaft tested for material quality. The result: it breaks because it was not designed for a defective damper.

1 Gearbox output shaft
1 Damper
8 x screws

Polaris Scrambler 850, 2012-
Polaris Scrambler 1000, 2014-
Polaris Sportsman 850, 2012-
Polaris Sportsman 1000, 2014-
Polaris Sportsman 1000 S (55"), 2019-2021
Polaris Scrambler 1000 S (55"), 2019-2021


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