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TFX132 FACTORY – shock absorber Can Am

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  • slow speeds – soft damping
  • fast speeds – hard damping
  • hard terrain – soft damping
  • soft terrain – hard damping
  • wet and slippery conditions – soft damping
  • tracky conditions – hard damping

Our TFX132 Factory automatically adapts to all of the above-mentioned contidions!

All shock absorbers are supplied by us with a basic setup, which we have determined with our experience and many tests for you.

Delivery time: about 4 weeks


TFX 132 FACTORY - shock absorber Can Am

TFX Suspension gives you the opportunity to order your personal suspension, and we will support you with the experience of our numerous test drivers. TFX Suspension delivers vehicle-specific shock absorbers, made to measure and tailored to your weight, driving style and area of ​​application. The shock absorber is made to your personal needs, whether for the leisure, off-road or endurance area as well as for Baja, Racing, MX or for the road.

All TFX shock absorbers are custom-made and manufactured according to personal specifications.

Our successful shock absorber series 132 (36mm tube/ 16mm piston) with the patented N10Z Compression-Valve technology is a combination of soft, comfortable and hard sporty suspension to combine their respective advantages, such as traction and the perfect suspension during g-outs and big landings. The rebound stage is also fully adjustable with 40 clicks. With the thread you can adjust the height of the vehicle to the actual vehicle weight (driver, passenger, luggage).

After placing your order, you will receive a form in which we will give you your exact vehicle and driver data, e.g. query the weight of the driver, different use of your vehicle in% etc. which we need for the correct configuration of your shock absorber and what the basic setup for your TFX shock absorber is created for.

All TFX shock absorbers are custom-made and manufactured according to personal specifications. They are built in a modular system that enables us to change / convert all parts if necessary. We only use the highest quality materials and work with the best suppliers in the world. At JAY PARTS you get competent advice, sales and service from a single source!

Since every shock absorber is custom-made according to the customer's personal specification, it cannot be taken back or exchanged!


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