Variomatic kit Polaris ATV

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JAY PARTS Variomatic kit Polaris ATV

Your vehicle drives by itself or is difficult to switch not?
JAY PARTS has the solution with the VARIOMATIC KIT for Polaris ATV´s with the 550 / 850 / 1000 ccm engine.

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 7075 aluminum
  • special POM mixture prevents “slipstick effect”
  • successfully tested in 8 vehicles / 9000 km & 2 vehicles/racing use

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JAY PARTS Variomatic kit Polaris ATV

for all Polaris ATV´s with 550 / 850 / 1000 ccm engine

The standard built-in Teflon wear plate pops out and causes your vehicle to go heavy to no longer shift and the ATV slowly drives by itself.
The phenomenon has occurred in the 1000cc ATV engines, in the 850 cc models was only the wear within 200-3000 km but rarely was noticed, since no abrupt misconduct was felt!

Jay Parts has the solution for this with the Variomatic kit - 7075 aluminum and a special POM mixture which affects the "slipstick effect". Thus, we have developed a very low-wear construction.

The kit has been successfully tested in 8 vehicles for 900km in all applications! Also it was tested by 2 vehicles in racing use!

Polaris Scrambler 850/1000                   2013 - 2018
Polaris Sportsman 550/850/1000         2011 - 2016
Polaris Sportsman Touring 850/1000  2011 - 2017

Assembly instructions

Variomatic kit Polaris ATV

Polaris Teflon Variomatik

To install the variomatic kit, you have to remove the variomatik cover. ATTENTION the exhaust can be still hot!

If you have the option of a compressor, be sure to clean the upper and lower clutch.
ATTENTION: It is a very dusty affair!

This is what a defective Teflon disc looks like. You can feel it when driving and the shifting is very difficult and/or the vehicle drives by itself in standing if engine is on.

The Jay Parts variomatic kit replaces the original discs, as shown in the photo!

Variomatikkit Montageanleitung

To open the screw in the middle oft he upper variomatic, you need a ring spanner or a ratchet in size 15 (turn tot he left to open). You can use the hook wrench oft he vehicle tool kit to fix the clutch. If you use a srewdriver, be careful about scratch or damage something.

When pulling out the screw, make absolutely sure that you have all the washers on the screw. Keep in mind that there were also models where the belt alignment was also set with 4 discs.

Variomatikkit Montage

When installing the variomatic kit, make sure that the sliding surface oft he variomatik – where the kit rests – is not damaged and free of grease.

If you have a model with 4 small discs, please attach one disc tot he variomatic kit (crossed picture is with 3 discs) on the side of the POM 5 disc (black) to optimize the belt alignment.

When tightening the upper variator, thighten the central screw (15 mm ring spanner or ratchet) with 65 NM (originally we use blue screw lock)

If the upper variomatic does not rotate with the lower while the engine is running.

Hold the lid oft he variomatic box on the variomatic and look into the ventilation openeing with the engine running to see if the upper variomatic is rotating in N or P gear. ATTENTION: the air pressure can shoot dirt out. DO NOT reach into the engine while it is running or insert objects into the vent.

If everything is OK, replace the variomatic cover. WARNING: the exhaust can still be hot!

We recoomend the dies to be mounted by the JAY PARTS FLAGSHIPSTORE PARTNERS as the worker’s employees are well trained to take your treasures!

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Big Mike (verified owner)

Einbau war mit der Montageanleitung relativ einfach.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden, da das Problem des alleinigen Losfahrens damit wirklich der Vergangenheit angehört!
Lieferung in Time!!!
Es ist wirklich nur zu empfehlen!??
Weiter so??

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