Accossato Racing Master Brake 16×18 Left Side

310,68  310,68 

Accossato Racing Master Brake Pump left side 16×18 with integrated expansion tank

  • Lever ratio 16×18
  • Forged aluminum housing
  • Expansion tank is integrated
  • folding lever – adjustable
  • less hand power needed
  • Version: long RST
  • Made in Italy

ONLY AT JAY PARTS incl. banjo bolt!

Availability : in stock

In stock

Accossato Radial Brake Pump for left side 16x18 - with integrated reservoir

Accossato, known from the professional racing sport Moto GP, circuit racing and motocross! he body of the master cylinder is made in forged aluminium, the cover and the Lever are CNC-worked. The Piston diameter is 16 mm: suitable for dual-disc system. On the reservoir there is a marker to check oil quantity inside of it.The radial brake master cylinder is fully Made in Italy; the screws are made in stainless steel, The bleeding valve is in zinced steel and the seals are made with Formula 1 compound.

Every component is designed to guarantee the shortest passive stroke: pulling the Lever, the space between the activation of the Lever and the actual braking is reduced by over 50%, compared to any other radial master cylinder.

The adjustment allows a fine tuning of the brake lever travel and also an adjustment to the finger length.

If you are not sure whether it fits you can send us a Email or HERE ask your question.

The brake pump has no locking function for the hand brake!


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