IT Beadlock Wheel 12″ 12×7,5 4×137 5+2,5

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IT Beadlock Wheel Can Am
12″ 12×7,5 4×137 5+2,5

The Beadlock wheel from IT were developed for motorsport and the toughest applications in motorsport. The wheels made in Poland are made of the highest quality standards on the market.

  • Made in Europe
  • steel beadlock ring
  • high-strength aluminum alloy
  • maximum weight saving

Best to win the toughest races Go for it

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Beadlock Wheel it CAN AM 12" 12x7,5 4x137 5+2,5

The it Beadlock wheels are made of a light aluminum alloy for maximum weight saving and strength. The beadlock ring made of steel is standard coated in black, threaded sleeves made of steel are used for ensure multiple disassembly of the ring.
The design and thicknesses have been chosen so that there is no warpage in contact with trees and rocks.

  • Made in Europe
  • steel beadlock ring
  • high strength aluminum alloy
  • maximum weight saving


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