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Vauhti Varikko Stage 2 Clutch Kit – CF Moto UFORCE 1000 /XL

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VAUHTI VARIKKO Stage 2 Clutch Kit – CF Moto UFORCE 1000, 28″-32″ tyres incl. secondary clutch spring

  • incl. secondary clutch spring
  • more torque
  • smooth drive starting
  • reduced belt slip
  • easier handling at lower speeds
  • designed for heavy tyres or mud tyres

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VAUHTI VARIKKO Stage 2 Clutch Kit - CF Moto UFORCE 1000 with 28"-32" Tyres

Designed for mud riding with aggressive mud tyres!

The Vauhti Varikko Stage 2 Kit compensates for the loss of power and rough response when switching to 28-32 inch tyre dimensions. Better low-end power and torque to get tyres spinning in the mud. Mud riders need a lot of low-end torque on the tyres to get through thick mud holes.

- Better acceleration in the low and medium range
- Smoother starting
- More torque
- Reduces belt slippage and variomatic overheating
- Transfers engine power more effectively and smoothly to the wheels
- Easier handling of the vehicle at lower speeds
- Lowers the operating temperature of the belt and increases the belt's service life
- The kit includes detailed installation instruction

Using this kit will not increase the vehicle´s top speed.
The latest updated kit - available from us - also includes the detailed adjustment information based on your vehicle specs (e.g. tyre size) or the conditions used - considering the outside temperatures and if used for fast road driving or slower, work use.

For the extreme user we can also offer the 35° helix to make the wheels turn effectively.

We recommend having the installation carried out by a specialist workshop.

When making changes to the variomatic, also replace the belt!
Gates G-Forces CVT belts are among the world's best belts!
We recommend the GATES G-Force C12 40C3569.

CFMoto UFORCE 1000, Tyres 28"-32"
CFMoto UFORCE 1000 XL, Tyres 28"-32"


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