Pinion Cover aluminum heavy duty

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JAY PARTS Pinion Cover aluminum heavy duty Polaris Scrambler & Sportsman

The JAY PARTS differential cover reinforces the front differential several times against breakage and lifts the clearance in the bearing seat.

  • Reinforced frame
  • Tie rod clearance
  • extended bearing seat
  • no play in the bearing
  • Made in Europe

A “must have” for the demanding driving style!
TIP: Order the suitable SKF bearing for the pinion at the same time!

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JAY PARTS pinion cover aluminum reinforced

Save a lot of money by swapping the original cover in time for the enhanced version of JAY PARTS. Our cover strengthens the front differential and also eliminates the play in the bearing seat! - A damage of the cover is about a lot of money! (Differential approx. € 1.949,-)

- Polaris Scrambler 850/1000 year 2013-
- Polaris Sportsman 850/1000 year 2015-
- Polaris Sportsman 850/1000 HL Bj. 2018-2021

- reinforced frame
- tie rod clearance
- extended bearing seat
- no play in bearing seat
- INA bearing"Made in Germany"
- Material: 7075 aluminum
- 4 screws 10.9, splint included
- oil-seal ring, O-Ring included

- Replace the cover before in time! If it breaks you have to replace the full Front Differential in 80%!
Check the pinion bearing, it should not make any running noises.
- Change the differential oil! - CAUTION:  Do only use the original Demand Drive oil!
- We recommend the installation at Jay Parts Flagship Stores!

Assembly instructon



Unfortunately Polaris has not only the problem until the year of construction 2017 that the flange on the screw connection breaks also the bearing seat is not designed enough and it can be on the bevel pinions an elevated wear occurs. In Polaris update 2018, the material was changed, but the bearing seat unfortunately is the same bad.


To assemble the cover here are some important and helpful points:

As a first step you should drain the differential oil (screw down the front differential) – pick up vehicle – disassemble the front right wheel – with the punch through the spline of the propshaft (connection between propshaft / differential).


Push the propshaft backwards – remove the original flange (4 screws) – pull out the drive pinion with the bearing

Check the bearing for noises. Replace the bearing if you have noise!

Difference to the original:
The bearing (with the bevel pinions ) must be pressed in because it is one of the most important features of our cover to minimize wear. Do not hit with a hammer!



Use a little grease for the needle bearing, oil seal and o-ring.




Then built the pinion again in reverse order together.
After assembling the differential turn the pinion in both directions. It must be easy and must not have a game.

DO NOT forget to fill the differential oil, capacity 275 ml (Polaris instruction) – our experience: 190-200 ml



Use ONLY the original POLARIS DEMAND DRIVE OIL, you find it also in our Shop.


  • Cover screws 10‐15 NM
  • Oil filling and drain screw 11‐14 NM


The pinion cover replacement should be fitted by an authorized JAY PARTS Flagshipstore Partner.

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Ovidiu (verified owner)

It fits perfectly.
It should be purchased by any Polaris Scrambler 1000 owner.
Very fast shipping

Martin (verified owner)

Probably the best cover on the planet! Should be the first upgrade you ever purchase !

Top quality


Best Cover on the Planet

Manuel (verified owner)

Top Qualität und passgenau einfach zum wechseln alles im lieferumfang dabei was man benötigt top

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